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Greg Allen Largo, Florida
Great service and an excellent job. Osmany found a problem in the cabinets that were in place and suggested how to fix it. Osmany did a great job and is very pleasant to work with. Excellent quality, at a reasonable price. My condo is on the 20th floor on the beach, the installers had to work with all of the rules and regulations of a gated community.
George R Tampa, Florida
We recently completed an outside lanai remodeling and needed a medium sized piece of granite to match our kitchen counters. After going to 4-5 other granite supply houses we finally found a matching piece at Osmany. Their price was very fair and included trips to our house for measuring and installing.  Everyone from the owner, Anna the office manager and the two installers were friendly and professional. I'd trust them to any size job.
C Lower Tampa, Florida
Renovations are always a trying experience but Osmany Granite made their part of my kitchen project a pleasure. Moreover, it was a reaffirmation that honesty, skill and willingness to work aren't dead yet in Florida. The whole process, from discussing the particulars to installation, was professional and timely. I would rate Osmany a solid 10 on customer communication, helpful advice, on-time appointments, attention to detail, competitive pricing, and a worry-free install complete with spotless cleanup. Thank you, Osmany, for a fabulous job!


Friday 6th April 2012

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Thursday 8th March


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Sunday 1st January


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