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PRIVACY: We never give out personal information for any customer to any person or organization, period. We do not provide or sell this information to telemarketers, mailing lists of any kind, or to website owners who often seek this information for targeted advertising. There is only one page on our website our CONTACT US  page where we ask for personal information, and this is purely voluntary so that we may contact you for a quote or other information that you may request. We are also certified through  SunTrust with our credit card handling process. This means that we never keep hardcopies or electronic copies of credit card information on file. All credit card transactions are processed through a terminal which requires either a physical card swipe, or manual entry of the card information. We shred any document that this information is initially recorded on (eg. if you call in a credit card number) immediately after receiving approval from our terminal. There is never any electronic storage of credit card information, and our receipts only display the last four digits of the card number.


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